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Producer/Director Peter Rowe

Producer/Director Peter RoweWhen Peter Rowe read a small newspaper story about Canadian adventurer George Kourounis - who was hunkering down in Gulfport, Mississippi, waiting for Hurricane Katrina to hit him, he felt he had the makings of a television show. Once Kourounis got his phone service back after the storm, Rowe called the intrepid stormchaser, and proposed, first to him, then to the Outdoor Life Network, the idea of a TV show about Kourounis' adventures.

The network liked the idea enough that it asked Rowe to turn the idea for a one-of doc into an 8 part series - then liked that so much they asked him to expand it into a full first season of 13 shows, then renewed it to 39!

Rowe has been working in the film and television industry for many years. He has made numerous adventure-themed shows in the past, in many exotic parts of the world - but Angry Planet is, he says, the most intense, high voltage filming experience he's ever had.

Rowe's past experience includes writing and directing features such as Treasure Island, Lost! and Popcorn With Maple Syrup, and TV series such as E.N.G, The New Addams Family and African Skies. His full credits can be found at

Rowe is the Producer/Director, and also handles the principal camerawork for Angry Planet.

Peter Rowe is a fellow of the Explorers Club and a member of Reporters Without Borders.

Peter Rowe with Rainbow Mount Washington Summit


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