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“Angry Planet” is the place to be for Extreme Adventure Travel Television. Taking you from the volcanoes of the Pacific to the hurricanes of the Atlantic, from the glaciers of Patagonia to the geysers of Iceland, from Oklahoma’s Tornado Alley to the deep wet caves of Vancouver Island, from the Arabian Desert to the Australian Outback, “Angry Planet” visits the world’s most dramatic natural phenomena, and brings them to you in High Definition.

New in 2013!!

You've seen the TV Show - now read the book. Producer Peter Rowe's Adventures in Filmmaking tells the story of his colourful career from rock and roll in the 1960s to Angry Planet in the 21st Century. .

Angry Planet will become the first-ever long-form show for The Weather Network - playing across Canada starting in April.

A new feature-length film, Angry Planet-Volcanoes for the Live-Presentation Travel Adventure circuit is in the works. For information and a trailer, .

Angry Planet now plays across the US on MavTV and on HalogenTV, and will begin playing in the Middle East and South America in 2013.

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